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Cannings Purple is an award winning, strategic communications consultancy, providing high quality and personalised communication advice. We deliver cohesive communication programs across media, government, investor, digital, employee and community audiences - providing an efficient, single source for clients seeking external support.

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What Is Being Said About You?

24 Jun 15

Knowing what’s being said about your business by clients, customers and competitors can help inform decision making and communications.

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What Price Good Advice?

18 Jun 15

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." It is worth reflecting on what is being forsaken when we dispense with good advice in favour of the cheaper options.

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Moving Toward A Clean Energy Future

11 Jun 15

The G7 announcement this week that the largest economies of the world would target phasing out the use of fossil fuels suggests the future is about clean energy.

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Death, Taxes and Change

04 Jun 15

They say ‘nothing in life is certain, except for death and taxes’ – but we think they’re missing one major life certainty: change. Particularly in WA.

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Communicating Tech Messages

28 May 15

Last year saw a huge increase in tech listings on the ASX, but despite the activity, there remain some very real issues for these businesses.

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Site-seeing and Story Telling

21 May 15

Major shareholders and fund managers will be looking to confirm that their investment is sound and the company is progressing with its plans.

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5 Key Things About WA’s State Budget

14 May 15

Cannings Purple Government Relations Director Richard Harris and Associate Director Astrid Serventy identify the key details for business.

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Making Sense of Budgets

14 May 15

What do they really mean for governments, and more importantly what do they mean for our economy, businesses, individuals and families?

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Innovation, Technology & WA's Economy

07 May 15

Successful innovation occurs when the right combination of intellect, collaboration and investment come together.

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