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Cannings Purple is an award-winning, strategic communications consultancy, providing high quality and personalised communication advice. We deliver communication programs across media, government, investor, employee and community audiences, providing an efficient, single source for clients seeking external support. Through our alliance with WPP AUNZ, part of the world's largest communications services group, Cannings Purple is also linked to some of the top global media and communications specialists.

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Brad Thompson Joins Cannings Purple as Special Counsel

16 Dec 16

We are proud to announce the appointment of Brad Thompson as Special Counsel at Cannings Purple.

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Christmas Communications To-Do

09 Dec 16

In the spirit of giving, account manager Fran Lawrence provides a handy Christmas list laying out a few of the things you should be thinking about as 2016 draws to a close.

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Cannings Purple is proud to support Project #PurpleSanta this Christmas

09 Dec 16

Cannings Purple will be supporting the #PurpleSanta campaign again this year. Find out how you can contribute to this important cause. 

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What To Expect Financial Markets In The Year 2017

Looking into the crystal ball for 2017

24 Nov 16

What can we expect from the financial markets in the year 2017? Account Manager Andrew Rowell explains.

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Taking A Healthy Interest

Taking a healthy interest

18 Nov 16

The public health system is the largest source of annual spending in the WA Government budget. What do our political parties have planned for this Department's future? Account manager Michael Cairnduff explains. 

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Visual Tools For Better PR

How to Use Visual Tools For Better PR

03 Nov 16

Modern viewers want to get to the point of the message quickly. Using strong visuals are a great shortcut to get the headline across. Art director Cameron Jones explains.

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CEO Video To Employees

The Power of a CEO video to employees

01 Nov 16

Cannings Purple now offers CEOs the opportunity to deliver a Christmas message to their teams in a quick, impactful and cost-effective way.

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How Many Eyes Are Enough

How many eyes are enough?

27 Oct 16

Can too much of something be bad for you? When it comes to organisational decision-making there is a fine balance between decisiveness and inaction. Account manager Andrew Rowell explains.

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Build Relationships With Government

How To Build Relationships With Government

24 Oct 16

Make hay while the sun shines… build relationships with government before you need them. Government relations consultant Grace Carpenter looks at the first steps to building an effective government engagement plan.

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