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Cannings Purple is an award-winning, strategic communications consultancy, providing high quality and personalised communication advice. We deliver communication programs across media, government, investor, employee and community audiences, providing an efficient, single source for clients seeking external support. Through our alliance with WPP AUNZ, part of the world's largest communications services group, Cannings Purple is also linked to some of the top global media and communications specialists.

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Price is what you pay, Value is what you get

26 Jul 16

This pearl of wisdom from Warren Buffett, uttered in reference to the fact that share prices often don’t reflect the underlying value of a company, is something all investors should remember when allocating their hard earned dollars to the market.

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Who is the new Federal Resources Minister?

22 Jul 16

He may have only become a politician two years ago, but Matt Canavan now holds one of the most important portfolios in the Australian Government. 

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Millennial myth-busting 101: We’re not all entitled know-it-alls

14 Jul 16

In recent years, society has become obsessed with trying to define Gen Y and determine what makes millennials tick. Words like ‘entitled’ and ‘disloyal’ are used often. But this is a narrow-minded view of an entire generation.

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AGM & Shareholder Engagement

AGM and Shareholder Engagement Stepping Out of the 19th Century

24 Jun 16

Shareholders and the way companies communicate with them are a curious juxtaposition, Andrew Rowell explains. 

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Play The Field

Don't pick winners - play the field

17 Jun 16

The saying that “a week is a long time in politics” holds true in the lead up to elections. 

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History Of Liberal Party Branding

A Short History Of Political Party Branding – Liberals

13 Jun 16

In the lead up to the federal election, Director Jamie Wilkinson looked at how the Liberals have branded themselves over the last 50 years.

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History Of Labor Party Branding

A Short History Of Political Party Branding - ALP

02 Jun 16

In the first of an occasional series, Director Jamie Wilkinson examines how Australian political branding has changed over the last five decades.

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Doing Business With Government

Doing business with government

02 Jun 16

Associate Director Astrid Serventy shares some top tips for doing business with government.

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How To Speak Gen Z

How to Speak Gen Z. ;-)

01 Jun 16

Julie Bishop can speak emoji, but does that mean you have to? Ruth Callaghan looks at how communication firms are experimenting with Gen Z. 

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