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The Future’s Here: The Future Is Augmented

21 Sep 16

In 1901, writer L. Frank Baum (author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) predicted an electronic display that overlaid virtual data onto real life. This is now known as Augmented Reality (AR). Digital & Social Media Consultant, Jorden Teo, and Intern, Taya Coghlan explain.

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Opportunity for Premier to set own succession plan

20 Sep 16

Resident Cannings Purple political commentator Michael Cairnduff takes a look at the events of this week in WA politics, the implications and potential beneficiaries of a Cabinet reshuffle.

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A Social Licence to Operate

16 Sep 16

Getting a permit to build and operate a project is not just about submitting a completed form to the regulator or local council and expecting it to be ticked off, Richard Harris and Chantal Hartstone explain.

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Cannings Purple partners with TEDxPerth in 2016

10 Sep 16

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with TEDxPerth, a local non-profit organisation with a mission to promoting ‘ideas worth spreading’.

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User Experience: Potential PR nightmare?

07 Sep 16

Most of us are only aware of user experience (UX) when it’s done badly. Senior Designer Adam Elovalis explains why bad user experience can lead to bad PR.

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5 Things I Have Learned Through a PR Internship

06 Sep 16

Curtin University PR student Stav Pisk has just finished an internship stint with Cannings Purple. Here she shares five key lessons for other PR students getting ready to make the leap into the industry. 

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Social Skills Worth Honing

26 Aug 16

Luke Forrestal discusses how social media can influence investments and why there's more and more interest in investment tools which leverage social platforms to inform investment choices.

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Update on the WA Nationals

18 Aug 16

The big news in WA politics in recent weeks is the return of Brendon Grylls as WA Nationals leader and his bold new plan to impose a $5 levy on BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto for each tonne of iron they produce, up from 25 cents.

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Computer Says No

Five Lessons To Learn From #CensusFail

10 Aug 16

Regardless of why the census site went down on the 9th August, there are some early lessons to be learnt from what, inevitably is now known as #censusfail.

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