The Politics Of Energy And Why Free Markets Aren’t Always Best

We’ve seen energy mentioned a lot in the media lately, particularly since South Australia’s February blackout. But do you understand the crisis? Director Richard Harris explains.

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A Social Licence to Operate

Getting a permit to build and operate a project is not just about submitting a completed form to the regulator or local council and expecting it to be ticked off, Richard Harris and Chantal Hartstone explain.

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9 Key Things About WA's State Budget

The WA State Budget came inconveniently slap in the middle of a tough Federal election battle. Our Government Relations team takes a look at the headline figures.

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Communicating your Project

Getting community and government support for new business projects is becoming more difficult. Government Relations Director, Richard Harris discusses what makes a good communication strategy. 

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End of Year Strategy Planning for Government Relations

As this year draws to a close, it is worth taking stock of your government relations strategy for 2016 and beyond. 

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Industry Welcomes Federal Resources Minister to WA

Cannings Purple enjoyed breakfast with new Federal Minister Josh Frydenberg for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia this week along with leading industry officials.

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Targeting the Industry Message

In today’s world of electronic communications, advocacy is about being nimble, being focused and being able to respond quickly to changing events.

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5 Key Things About WA’s State Budget

Cannings Purple Government Relations Director Richard Harris and Associate Director Astrid Serventy identify the key details for business.

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Making Sense of Budgets

What do they really mean for governments, and more importantly what do they mean for our economy, businesses, individuals and families?

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