Why your brand is intellectual property

Art Director Cameron Jones explains why your brand has a value above and beyond its logo, colours and font

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Media Monitoring – More than just your company scrapbook

Media monitoring used to mean cutting up newspapers and pasting hard-copy clippings into bulky books, that would sit proudly… gathering dust. 

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A Short History Of Political Party Branding – Liberals

In the lead up to the federal election, Director Jamie Wilkinson looked at how the Liberals have branded themselves over the last 50 years.

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A Short History Of Political Party Branding - ALP

In the first of an occasional series, Director Jamie Wilkinson examines how Australian political branding has changed over the last five decades.

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Ignoring Social Media? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Director of Design and Digital, Jamie Wilkinson considers the shift in Australian behaviour towards social and digital forms of communications, and asks whether communicators are doing enough to reflect the change.

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Infographics Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

We are all visual creatures. But if the imagery is bad, so is the communication. Our Senior Designer Adam Elovalis explains what not to do when using infographics.

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Mastering How To Dodge Bullet Points

An understanding of how best to communicate with the software is a powerful tool for anyone wanting to ensure their messages are heard.

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