Big trends for communications in 2018

What are the big trends to expect for communications in 2018?

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The importance of being earnest

Why truth matters in engagement

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Federal Budget Wrap Up 2017

Last night's Federal Budget promises fairness, security and opportunity. We look at the highlights for WA business and key changes that could have a small - or big - impact in the years ahead.

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Why E-mail Still Matters

Social media has changed the face of direct communications, but as Director of Design and Digital, Jamie Wilkinson explains, there's still huge value in e-mail.

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What CEO's DON'T Want

Account Director Ray Jordan has worked with 100s of CEOs over the years. Here he discusses the single thing which unites them all... a dislike of nasty surprises.

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Leading Communicator Joins Cannings Purple

Cannings Purple welcomes Fran Lawrence to the role of Associate Director strengthening our service capability in the property and technology sectors.

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Targeting the Industry Message

In today’s world of electronic communications, advocacy is about being nimble, being focused and being able to respond quickly to changing events.

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What Is Being Said About You?

Knowing what’s being said about your business by clients, customers and competitors can help inform decision making and communications.

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