Forecasting September 7: What to expect from WA’s State Budget

As the first budget of the McGowan Government, and given the State’s financial woes, it is expected to be tough. 

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Will Trump’s move to leave the Paris Accord impact the WA Economy?

On June 2, Donald Trump announced America would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. The President’s decision drew international condemnation, but what effect will it have on Australia? Consultant Molly Cooke explains. 

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Opportunity for Premier to set own succession plan

Resident Cannings Purple political commentator Michael Cairnduff takes a look at the events in WA politics following this month's spill motion.

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Don't pick winners - play the field

The saying that “a week is a long time in politics” holds true in the lead up to elections. 

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Social Matters

How social media is changing the face of government communications.

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Maintaining Relations in an Election Period

With the Canning by-election in full swing, our thoughts are drawn to the fact that in W.A. we will soon enough be facing two elections only a matter of months apart.

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Opposition is not a dirty word

Ask any MP who has been around for a while and they will tell you that Opposition is a lonely place.

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