Capital requirements for brokers under review

Will higher capital requirements for brokers signal higher costs for investors?

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Turning the tables on short sellers

Short selling is when an investor makes money from a company’s share price going down rather than up. Special Counsel Brad Thompson describes the effect this practice could have on ASX-listed companies.    

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Righting the wrongs in prospectus disclosure

Australia’s corporate watchdog has made it clear that scores of companies aren’t adhering to correct disclosure practices when going to the market for funds. Special Counsel Brad Thompson explains. 

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Keeping tabs on the punters

The Australian Share Ownership Study is designed to provide an insight into the behaviours, attitudes and knowledge of retail share market investors in Australia.

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Taking Market Risk out of Investment Markets

Market Neutral strategies attempt to profit irrespective of the direction of the sharemarket by hedging their risk.

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Site-seeing and Story Telling

Major shareholders and fund managers will be looking to confirm that their investment is sound and the company is progressing with its plans.

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How well do you know your analyst?

In the sights of the ASX is the vexed issue of market expectations and how listed entities and analysts are the key pillars in shaping these views.

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