Alexium International Group

Alexium International Group


To promote Alexium International Group Limited and its product technology and position the company in the media and capital markets in line with the Company’s corporate objectives. Alexium is currently commercialising its patented Reactive Surface Treatment, a chemical process which allows for fire retardancy, water and oil proofing, anti-microbial, non-stick and UV protection on a variety of materials.


A detailed investor and media relations plan was developed to coincide with growth milestones for the Company. This included the coordination of national investor road shows and media interviews with business, finance and technology journalists; including a live interview on Sky Business News. 

A number of communications tools including product fact sheets and a quarterly investor newsletter have also been developed to support Alexium’s business development.


Purple has successfully raised Alexium’s profile within the investor community and has secured positive media coverage for each of the Company’s major milestones.  Alexium has received extensive national coverage, with articles in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and WA Business News. This was also reflected in the Company’s share price.

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