Between mid to late 2014, Cannings Purple completed an intensive, project-specific Government Relations assignment for DBP designed to closely monitor and expedite government approvals for the Fortescue River Gas Pipeline.

Cannings Purple staff supported DBP’s project delivery in a time-crucial environment where contractual delays came at a high cost (in the tens of thousands of dollars per day).

The work was completed under an agreed scope and strategy prepared by Cannings Purple in conjunction with DBP’s Land Access team. Consideration was given to leveraging DBP’s existing relationships with the WA Government. These were found to mostly exist at a Department officer level (i.e. Department of Lands, Mines and Petroleum, State Development) and it was identified that DBP needed to be engaging at the political level. Establishing those relations was a key focus of the assignment.

The government relations program was executed through a schedule of briefings and relationship support activities such as ongoing updates, direct discussions, formal and informal meetings and broader political advisory regarding project.

The work expedited the process of gaining ministerial approval for land access.

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