The purpose of the WA Independent Power Association (WA IPA) is to provide a united voice to represent the interests of private power companies operating in Western Australia. Since the market was established in 2006, private power companies have invested more than $3 billion in the WA power generation market.

The Association was formed to support the further development of an open and competitive electricity market in WA, following indications by the State Government that it was considering significant reforms. Since its launch in 2012, the IPA has engaged with the State Government to ensure its members views are considered as part of policy development and reform to the energy market. The Association’s membership possesses a large amount of technical knowledge of the market and this information, funnelled through the Association, has helped inform the Government’s energy reform program.

The suite of reforms announced at the conclusion of the Electricity Market Review Phase One process by the Minister for Energy on 24 March 2015 closely aligns with those proposed by the WA IPA. The Association has been invited by the Government to be part of an industry group working with the Electricity Market Review Phase Two steering committee.

Cannings Purple provides a secretariat function and Director Richard Harris chairs the Association. We coordinate meetings, provide strategic media and government engagement advice, prepare submissions to government, produce all communications collateral and manage the website. Current members include APA Group, Collgar Wind Farm, ERM Power, Infigen Energy and Enernoc.

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