Corporate CommUNICATIONS

Carefully devised, effectively-delivered corporate communications are essential to modern business. We know how to communicate successfully, and we have the experience and tools to get your key messages heard by your stakeholders.

Cannings Purple provides corporate communications for a wide range of stakeholder groups – including employees, media, community groups, customers and regulatory bodies.

Whether it be a major launch event, comprehensive community engagement plan, change management project or crisis management, our approach is consistent – identify stakeholders, determine their communication needs and create clear and consistent communication tools with which to ‘connect’.

Our highly experienced team, many former journalists, know just how to formulate messages for different media. How you get your story heard by a radio journalist will be different from securing coverage on the TV. We have the networks, contacts and experience to help you navigate the media successfully.

We have worked with some of Australia’s largest companies, providing award-winning communications advice and assistance. Our clients include companies involved in mining, energy, infrastructure, financial and professional services, transport and power industries.



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