How you communicate with your people will influence the success of your business.
Successful internal communications, at its most basic, facilitates strategic conversations within your organisation. It enables your employees to deliver your business strategy by supporting the behaviours and culture that will improve collaboration, productivity and performance. And because of the nature of business in today’s rapidly changing world, successful internal communication increasingly means strategically managing organisational change. 
Cannings Purple has extensive experience managing internal communications, and in particular delivering organisational change management strategy in complex corporate environments. We develop and implement considered change communication programs to engage with an organisation's employees to facilitate change, and to help meet shared corporate objectives. This ensures the retention of corporate objectives, employee buy-in and broader stakeholder loyalty.
Our team has provided strategic change management advice to some of Australia’s leading organisations on health and safety, community and environmental communications, restructuring, post-merger integration, senior management changes and changes in work procedures. Cannings Purple will guide you through change management and crisis communication from planning to completion to ensure employees make it through the process as engaged and informed as possible.


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