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Digital communications tools are playing an increasingly important role in successful public relations. Cannings Purple has the experience and knowledge to ensure your communications strategy works in the ever evolving digital landscape.

The advent of digital platforms has led to the single biggest evolution in how we communicate since the invention of the printing press.

In the space of just a decade, digital tools have changed the way we connect, meaning we can now reach audiences directly, without relying on traditional publications and media. Understanding the benefits, and the risks, of these communication methods can make or break a business.

How people consume information has also changed dramatically in just a few years. Research by Google reveals more people on Earth now have access to a mobile phone than a toothbrush; an understanding of the mobile landscape is key to successful communications.

In fact, the majority of time spent online in Australia is on mobile devices. Watching video and engaging with social media are the key drivers for this  usage, which means knowing how best to utilise these platforms will increase the chance of getting your message heard.

We understand  social media tools  and have the skills and experience to help you make the most of the fast-moving, constantly changing digital landscape.

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