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Social media training in Perth

The world of social media presents enormous opportunity, but also risk, to any modern business. Done properly, it’s a powerful tool to reach stakeholders, investors and supporters. Our masterclass series gives boardroom-level executives the tools they need to understand how best to leverage social media.

Social media is a powerful and pervasive communication tool. Your staff use it, your clients use it, and if you aren’t alive to the potential it offers, you risk losing a key instrument in your communications toolbox.

Cannings Purple runs the first executive social media training masterclass in Perth.

It’s a high-level, confidential course designed to arm executives and board members with the understanding required to effectively evaluate the worth of social media to their business. The training provides executives with the tools they need to identify potential social media strategies, monitor and analyse the results, and build confidence within the board regarding what many still see as a new and confusing technology.

The masterclass is not designed to convince you to use social media. Our job is to give you the information you need to decide if and how you should engage these platforms to benefit your business.

In addition, we now offer additional modules to help your staff set up a corporate social media profile, manage it and begin to leverage the power of social networks.

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