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Speaking to the elected members of a government is a key part of a democratic society. But knowing how to do that can be complex and time-consuming. Cannings Purple is ranked 1st in Perth by Business News in its annual Book of Lists for lobbying. We understand the processes; we have the contacts; we are Perth’s best Government Relations firm.
Our political credentials are some of the best in Western Australia and Perth, meaning we can help you speak directly to those who make the decisions at the very highest levels in Government.
Our knowledge and understanding of how government works, who makes the decisions and the protocols around the engagement of those in power, enables our clients to achieve their goals.
It’s one of the reasons we’re trusted to help our clients have meaningful conversations in the right way, at the right time, with the people who affect our lives every day. Uniquely, our Government Relations team has the ability to combine with the stakeholder management and strategic media relations parts of our business, giving unsurpassed service and superior results.
Cannings Purple is affiliated with east coast-based government relations firms, Barton Deakin and Hawker Britton. This enables direct access to alternative State and Federal governments and their administrative agencies. Cannings Purple staff are registered on both the State and Federal Lobbyist Registers.
Our clients rate the service we provide highly, and in 2015 we were named best lobbyists in Perth by Business News.


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