Government policy advice

To engage with politicians and the Government on policy issues requires a deep understanding of the issues, a knowledge of the history, and a sensitivity to their context.
Cannings Purple’s specialist government and stakeholder relations team is one of the most experienced in Western Australia. With decades of knowledge borne of working at the heart of Government, we’re uniquely placed to provide high level advice relating to government policy, processes and personalities.

Negotiating legislation is a key issue for many of our clients. They use us to explain policy issues and investigate the implications for their business, allowing them insight to the potential long term impact of Government policy.

These are critical skills which are in short supply in Perth. It’s why our Government Relations team is made up of former political staffers, communications advisors and journalists with decades of combined experience.

Many of our clients need that know-how and knowledge to help affect change.

Our expertise in Government relations and policy, combined with exceptional strategic communications advice, ensures our clients achieve their goals.

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