Corporate Affairs

Shape the conversation.

Impact. Reputation. Positioning. Leadership.

Our corporate affairs team puts you at the centre of the frame, getting your message out and cutting through the noise.

We develop social licence. We change minds. We drive conversations. We raise profiles. When you have a story to tell, we give you the right words.

In a crisis, we have your back.

Whatever your business objective, we design the strategic communications plan and provide the trusted advice to secure your success.



Raise the profile of your organisation and leaders

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Brand Newsroom

Corporate content hubs to share your story

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Specialist communications for schools and universities

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Strategic communications for the property sector

Corporate Affairs Services


Plotting a course
  • Independent strategic advice
  • Identifying goals and priorities
  • Stakeholder targeting and analysis
  • Success measures and metrics
  • Tactical planning and execution


Taking a stand
  • Content creation and planning
  • Story, opinion and feature writing
  • Credible news content
  • Editorial support
  • Media relations
  • Tender responses
  • Stakeholder and internal communications

Media training

Changing minds
  • Understanding media
  • On-camera responses
  • Key message development
  • Scenario-based simulations
  • Presentation coaching and analysis
  • Visual presentation

Client support

Ready when you need us
  • Embedded resources
  • Litigation support
  • Media support
  • Change management support
  • Internal communications support

Crisis Readiness

Prepare and react
  • Pre-planning and strategy
  • Issues identification and management
  • Team crisis preparation
  • Crisis training
  • 24/7 crisis response
  • Media liaison
  • Liaison with all involved parties


Preparing for change
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Network analysis
  • Relationship management
  • IAP2 interactions
  • Campaign design


Positioning your brand
  • Campaign ideation
  • Market testing
  • Content development
  • Visualisations and infographics
  • Event ideas
  • Next-gen social media


Joining the conversation
  • Social strategy and training
  • Protocol and guideline development
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Responsive implementation
  • Social advertising
  • Detailed social analytics and data

More about our team

We start from the perspective that everyone has a story to tell, but what's needed is to tell that story in a way that compels action.

Fran Lawrence, Director, Corporate Affairs

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