Crisis Communications

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Cannings Purple is acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading crisis communications companies for a reason – because of the attention to detail we invest in assisting our clients through the most trying of circumstances.

Our crisis readiness experts help you identify, anticipate and prepare for risks before they arrive, putting in place detailed crisis management plans and providing the training needed to deal with and address emerging issues.

In a crisis -whether it’s a physical event or a data breach - our team is on hand to support the implementation of a crisis response plan, to assist in engagement with media, authorities and key stakeholders and to help maintain and repair trust and relationships during and after the event.

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Scenario Training

Crisis preparation tailored to your sector

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Cyber Data Breach

Cyber breach and mandatory reporting preparation

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There are three things that help manage a crisis: preparation, preparation and preparation.

Jamie Wilkinson, Director, Design and Digital

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