Help your audience find you with video telling your story.

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Within two years, 80% of all web traffic will be video.

If you're not providing video versions of your collateral, communications and messaging, you will not be found in the digital world.

At Cannings Purple we produce expert digital video content for website and social media channels.

With our purpose-built media studio, we are able to provide facilities to shoot corporate communications and live social media broadcasts.

With our green screen technology, we can place you anywhere in the world you need to be.

We can produce stunning drone footage, video ads, explainer videos, infographics, and unique animations, including CEO and leadership videos to get your message through.

With the resources to shoot video on location, anywhere in Australia, whether that be a cattle yard, remote mine site or office setting, our staff bring expert, professional media experience to your project, ensuring it is of a standard suitable for traditional broadcast media.

Find Your Feet

Get safe, confidential experience in front of a camera to gain confidence

Scale Your Message

Build video versions of all communications to grow engagement

Share Your Story

Quickly and efficiently create animated "key messaging" videos for distribution on social channels

Connect the Dots

Get your media releases in front of the influencers and industry people who matter

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