Regulatory Approvals

Understand the regulator and what it looks for.

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You need a social licence to operate, but misjudging regulators can see that licence eroded or even opportunities lost.

So how do you sense and influence what a regulator plans to do?

Our Regulatory Engagement service helps develop heightened sensitivity to regulatory behaviour and drivers, giving you insights into stakeholder expectations and how you can avoid running into trouble, effectively manage issues that arise or produce a transformation result that regulation could unlock.

We can help you assess, build and refine your relationship with regulators, incorporate approval timing into your project schedule, provide political influencing advice, develop your broader engagement strategy and provide high-quality information to support decision-making.

We are a trusted business partner with the experience to help you assess regulatory risk and plan engagement.


Tailored engagement strategy and communications plan


Tailored partnership packages for working with regulators


Skilled in identifying red flags, sensitivities, opportunities and language for regulators

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