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As Perth’s leading investor relations team, we give companies the support they need to build, grow, raise their profiles, and drive their business. We are Perth’s top Mergers & Acquisitions communication advisors, with 32 transactions in 2016-17 worth $4.42 billion, and our portfolio of clients includes leaders in every field. What sets us apart is our diversity of expertise. Our team includes industry analysts, experts in sectors from mining to tech to agribusiness, and the brains behind Perth’s best business reporting. If you are a listed company, or getting ready to list, we can maximise shareholder value, tell your stories, and position you for market success.


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Specialist communications packages for M&A transactions

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Investor Connect

Delivering persistent, consistent collateral for investors and media

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Investor Insight

Connecting you with brokers, fund managers and investors

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Specialist media relations advice and amplification for resources companies

Investor Relations Services


Outcomes focussed
  • Independent strategic advice
  • Identifying goals and priorities
  • Stakeholder targeting and analysis
  • Success measures and metrics
  • Tactical planning and execution


Leading advisers
  • Investor relations, roadshows and briefings
  • Media, analyst and stakeholder communications
  • Micro, campaign and full websites
  • Compliance-ready shareholder communications
  • Bidder and target statements, scheme documents
  • Solicitation management

Investor Communications

Consistent and persistent
  • Investor presentations and videos
  • Prospectus and annual reports
  • Banners, signage and other collateral
  • Conference booths with impact
  • Presentation coaching and analysis

Support on the Road

Global experience
  • Conference management
  • Roadshow planning and target identification
  • On-road support
  • Media liaison and support
  • Stakeholder engagement

Crisis Readiness

Prepare and react
  • Pre-planning and strategy
  • Issues identification and management
  • Team crisis preparation
  • Crisis training
  • 24/7 crisis response
  • Media liaison
  • Liaison with all involved parties

More about our team

Understanding how investors, brokers and fund managers think is critical in knowing how to deliver cut-through investment messages.

Peter Klinger, Director, Investor Relations

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