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Cannings Purple’s Media Intelligence service helps you better understand what’s being said across traditional and digital channels about your business, your sector and your competitors.

Our reports provide you with:

      • A single resource to check where and when your business has been mentioned across social and digital platforms, and including print and broadcast.
      • Curated industry and sector news with links to featured stories helping keep your own social channels up to date, and ensuring staff understand the context of your sector.
      • Behind-paywall access to news stories via hyperlinks.
      • Simplified pricing structure, with database access, copyright agency fees and Cannings Purple report preparation all included as a single monthly price.

Media intelligence can assist you with strategic planning, reputation and issues management, and gives you important industry insights.

Our service aligns your daily digest with your risk register, so we can flag issues that impact your business as they emerge and evolve.

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Don't guess what your competitors are up to — know.

What's the value of knowing when competition is poised to move into your market? What would you change if you could see a rival's marketing and recruitment strategy?

If you understood the reason for community opposition, how would you change your approach? Our Reconnaissance service gives you the data to make these and other strategic decisions:

  • Tailored dashboards reflecting changes in sentiment, volume and other metrics, including how you fare against competitors across channels
  • Early alerts of competitor recruitment, SEM investment or SERP change
  • Fan, follower, friend and foe analyses

Leader Advance

Most marketing raises the profile of your brand. Leader Advance recognises that your leaders are your brand's most important ambassadors.

This bespoke program tracks the share of voice of your key executives and we work with you to maximise their exposure to media and opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership on digital and social channels.

We offer:

  • Individual or group tracking, in isolation or against nominated competitors or benchmark leaders
  • Opportunities informed by data to connect with influencers or journalists to raise leader profiles
  • The media training, speech writing and editorial support needed to forge a strong and lasting public presence


Know within moments if there's a critical change that could affect your brand or reputation, with our SocialSentinel service.

This early-warning alerts system uses our enterprise-grade data and analytics so you get notified instantly if there's a major shift in your traditional, digital or social mentions. We offer:

  • Tailored triggers for notifications, including action by influencers, key opponents or shifts in sentiment
  • A phone-based app that allows you to watch changes in real-time at your fingertips
  • Clear, competitive transparent pricing options for alerts and analysis

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