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Social media is a key part of the modern media landscape – and a formidable communications tool that presents both enormous opportunity and considerable risk to any business.

Done properly, it’s a powerful and effective way to reach stakeholders, investors and supporters. Misunderstood, ignored or underutilised, it can quickly take damaging bites out of your brand, reputation and bottom line.

Our Social Media Masterclass has been designed to give directors and executives the tools to understand how best to leverage this brave (not-so) new world.

Our experienced team of digital experts will teach you which platforms hold the most potential for your business, which ones to watch, and how to spot brewing issues before they take hold.

As the creators of Perth's first executive social media training course, we can demystify the world of social media for your board and executives and show you how to harness the power of social networks for your advantage.

What we know about digital transformation is it is a never-ending journey and every day is day one.

Jamie Wilkinson, Director, Design and Digital

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