Your guide to handling notifiable data breaches


Jamie Wilkinson

Director, Design and Digital

Not if, but when.

The protection of data is a pressing concern for any business – but as the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has warned, it’s now less a case of if a business will have to deal with a data breach and much more a case of when it will happen.

Since Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme was introduced in 2018, clear trends have emerged in the reporting statistics. It has also become apparent that the businesses that deal best with breaches have a clear plan in place for how they will do this before the breach occurs. Cannings Purple’s Data breach whitepaper contains an in-depth look at the first 15 months of NDBS reporting, with a focus on notable case studies and advice from our expert Jamie Wilkinson on how to communicate with stakeholders and the wider public in the event of a breach.


Defining a data breach

How data breaches happen

Where Australian data is being lost

What the experts say

Data breaches by the numbers

Data breaches in real life


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